Below is a table with our sausages and their ingredients. You will find a key to the allergens below too.

Sulphites (preservative) S Wheat Gluten (rusks) WG Mustard M
Milk- MI Eggs- E Soya- SO
Celery- C Sesame- SE Nuts- N
Peanuts- P Fish- F Peanuts  
Antioxidant     A    
Preservative ( Sulphites/ sulphur dioxide SO2) P    
Flavour Enhancer (Glutamates eg MSG)   F    
Colouring E120 (Cochineal)     C    


Sausages % Meats Allergens Alcohol
International Sausages –  Gluten Free    
Toulouse 89% pork S  
Fresh Chorizos 69%pork,22%beef S,MI,  
Merguez 66% lamb, 22% pork S  
Italian Piccante 91% Pork S White Wine
Sicilian 91% Pork S White Wine
Boerewors   S  
Bratwurst 79% pork S  
Weisswurst 14%/beef, 37% pork S  
Specialist Sausages      
Whisky, Hog & Wild Thyme 72% Pork S,WG Whisky
Pork, Leek & Fennel 68% Pork, leek 4% S,WG  
Pork & Edinburgh Ale 71% Pork S,WG Ale
Summer Sizzlers 71% Pork S,WG,M  
Pork, Honey & Mustard 70% pork S, WG, M  
Piggy Black 65% pork,7% B/Pud M,S,WG  
Pork & Leek with Ginger 68% Pork S,WG  
Mediterranean Pork 65%Pork S,WG  
Pork, Whisky & Marmalade 72% pork WG,S Whisky
Pork & Caramelised Onion 69% Pork S,WG  
Pork, Spicy Mango & Ginger 71% Pork S,WG  
Sweet Chilli Dragon 71% Pork S,WG  
Pork, leek, pancetta & cheese 67% pork, 9% cheese,4% pancetta WG, S Cheddar cheese
Celebration Sausage (Bucks Fizz) 74% Pork  WG, S,  Bucks Fizz
Poughman’s Pork – Deli only 62% Pork WG, S, Mi Cheddar Cheese
BBQ Chicken 47% chicken, 27% pork WG, S, F anchovies
Cock-a- Leekie 46% chicken, 26% pork WG, S, C  
Rum & Ale Pork Sausage 71% pork, 6% Ale WG, S,  Ale
Pork, pear & parmesan 70% Pork S, WG, MI Cheese
Pork Apple, Leek & sage 70% Pork S, WG  
All with beef of lamb      
Lucifer’s Matchsticks 68% Beef S,WG,M  
Wine Merchants 61% Beef S,WG,MI,M R/Wine ,Cheese
Auld Reekie 31% Beef  33% Pork S,WG,  
Lamb, Rosemary & Garlic 71% Lamb S,WG  
All gluten free      
Venison, Redcurrant & Basil 58% Venis 38% Pork S Red Wine
Boerewors (new seas)   S  
Bratwurst (see above) 79% pork S  
Weisswurst (see above) Pork 36%, Veal 14% S  
Irish Pork 81% Pork S,WG  
Cumberland Style Coil 85% Pork S,WG  
The One O’clock Banger 69% pork WG,S,M,,MI,C  
The Broughton Banger 81% pork S,WG  
Special Pork 72% Pork S,WG  
Pork Chipolatas 72% Pork S,WG  
Farmers Pork 74% Pork S,WG,C  
Prime Steak 61% Beef S,WG  
Grandad’s Beef 68% Beef S,WG  
Beef Lorne Slicing 65% Beef S,WG