Haggis is Scotland’s very own food treasure and known throughout the world as our national dish. Our haggis recipe was perfected by the late Alex Crombie who founded the shop and the delicious recipe hasn’t changed much since then. 



Our Crombies haggis is made with our own delicious oaty, spicy lamb and beef mix which we then fill natural cases with. Haggis is a great source of iron, fibre and carbohydrate and can be the ultimate winter convenience food – just put it in the oven and hey presto! Learn how to cook haggis here.

When you buy haggis online with Crombies you can rest safe in the knowledge that it will be dispatched in a high quality vacuum pack and delivered direct to your door from our shop.

We offer a range of sizes of haggis to suit a host of occasions and cooking needs. We also believe that everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying our national dish; Therefore we have refined our traditional meat based recipe to craft a delicious vegetarian haggis; ideal for the non-meat loving Crombies customers.


Classic view