Haggis Information

Haggis Information



TRADITIONAL  HAGGIS  in natural casings.- Well acclaimed!


Crombies of Edinburgh was founded in 1955 by the late Alex Crombie. His career in the meat industry took many turns, but started at the age of 14 when his apprenticeship started in an Edinburgh butcher’s shop.


At this time, around 1920, he recorded recipes from memory in his little red book, (as all recipes were a closely guarded secret).

These recipes have served us well, including the haggis recipe, which has changed little over the years from the original.


" Crombies  for a little certainty in an uncertain world! "


Our Awards:





1981     SFMTA Scottish Competition     Diploma – Highly commended

1989     SFMTA Scottish Competition     Diploma – Highly commended


1988     UTRECHT – SVO                                 Bronze

1992     Q Guild – Smithfield Awards                  Silver

1995     Q Guild – Smithfield Awards                  Bronze

1999     Q Guild – Smithfield Awards                  GOLD



Burns and Haggis


Burns and Haggis

Haggis Q&A

Haggis Q&A


Haggis – Question and Answer