Wine Merchants

Wine Merchants


From an old English recipe. A heady blend of beef, basil, red wine, mustard, cheese and herbs. An idea dinner sausage served with a good red wine, Superb!

National Meat Industry Awards 2005 - GOLD Award


Style: Thick, 59% Beef

Additives: Antioxidant, Preservative (Sulphites/ SO2), Flavour Enhancer (Glutamates eg, MSG), Colouring E120 (Cochineal)

Possible Allergens: Sulphites, Wheat Gluten (rusks), Milk, red wine, cheese,mustard


Cooking Method:

- Fry

- Oven Cook

- Casserole

£4.75 / 0.5 kilogram(s)

Delivery weight: 0.5 kg

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