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Minute Steaks / Stir-fry

Sold in packs of 500g.  Perfect for a quick steak roll or a stir-fry.

Buy 4 packs and save 25%

£9.75 / pack(s) *
In stock
Delivery weight: 500 g

Gluten Free Sausage Trial Pack

Try our new range of Gluten Free sausages with this sample pack.   Can be frozen.

£12.00 / pack(s) *
Regular price £15.55
You save 23 %
In stock
Delivery weight: 1,440 g

Breakfast Pack

Sold in Packs. Minimum weight 1600g. Suitable for freezing.

£14.90 / pack(s) *
In stock
Delivery weight: 1,600 g

2 x GOLD Medal Chicken & Haggis Pie

GOLD Medal 2015.  Chicken & Haggis in a flan case.  

Sold in packs of 2. 

£10.98 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 0.9 kg

Pulled Pork & Savoury Sausage Pie

Fabulous New Pie !

Pulled Pork & Savoury Sausage Pie.

Sold individually.

Currently out of stock.


£6.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.55 kg

Protein Rich Meat Pack

Perfect selection of meat for those on a protein diet, or if you just like lean meat. 

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£35.60 / pack(s) *
Regular price £0.00
In stock
Delivery weight: 4.1 kg

New Sunny Gin Sausage

Our New Summer Sausage

Packed in 500g chipolata size

£4.95 / 0.5 kg *
In stock
Delivery weight: 500 g